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Glamza Smile Perfect

Glamza Smile Perfect

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Custom fit your mould to disguise crooked, stained, missing and gapped teeth

Contents: 1 x Teeth Bottom Teeth Veneer, 1 x Silica Grains


  1. Place the bottom veneers and silica grains into a bowl and pour almost boiling (but not boiling) hot water onto them. The bottom veneers will soften a little to make them more flexible. The silica grains will soften into strips and can be pushed together with a fork or tweezers to make them all join into one piece.
  2. Pick the bottom veneers out of the bowl with tweezers or a fork and place to one side. Pick the strips out of the bowl with tweezers or a fork and then stick the strips behind the veneers using your fingers, covering the back of the veneers. Place the veneers into the mouth, pressing them against your bottom teeth, using a pinching motion, and adjusting them for the correct fit. It is recommended to use a mirror.
  3. Once the correct position is found, push against the teeth for 20 seconds, to ensure they are securely fitted in place.
  4. To remove the veneers, gently pull them away from the teeth.
  5. Once you have removed the veneers, if you wish to place them back into the mouth, repeat the above process, starting by placing the veneers and back strip (which will now be connected) into almost boiling water again to soften them. The back strip and veneers will seperate, and the above steps can be repeated.


  • For adult use only
  • For cosmetic purposes only. This is a temporary solution
  • Do not fit over braces or caps. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can simply remold as many times as you want. In order for this product to stay firm in the mouth, a person needs to have some existing tooth structure. This product is not a "denture" or "dental device". It is not designed for chewing. It is to enhance appearance only. Do not eat or sleep whilst wearing the product.