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Acupressure Ring

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The Acusoothe ring is made of a flexible steel wire specially designed for the therapeutic massage of fingers and toes through Sujok therapy.

Sujok Therapy is not only limited to pain. It can be used in health problems like Arthritis Spondylitis Blood Pressure Lumbago Backache Knee and other joint pains Frozen Shoulder Sciatica Migraine Diabetes Ear Pain Eye problems Deafness (partial) Allergy Anemia Constipation Sinus Stomach problems Cough & Cold Depression Fatigue Hernia Slip Disc Urine Bladder & Kidney Stone Tonsillitis Polyps Heel pain Pimples and other.


- Massage one finger at a time by rolling ring up and down the finger 30-60 times.

- Then move on to next finger until you have completed both hands.

- Your fingers will start feeling warm alive and tingly as blood circulation is increased.

- It is very convenient as you can keep it in your pocket and use it whenever & wherever you want.

This ring if you placed first and fourth finger and massage for hands pain. Second and Third finger for Legs pain. Thump for Neck pain. If you massage in all the finger then total body covered as a pain reliever. Use in one finger at a time.

Prevention of morning sickness during pregnancy:

Many expectant mothers suffer from morning sickness. Most symptons disappear but for an unlucky few nausea and vomiting may continue throughout the pregnancy.

Scientific studies have proved that one of the most effective drug-free treatments is Acupressure on the P6 (Nei-Kuan) point between the two central tendons near the wrist.

Recommended by midwives and pregnant women around the world Acusoothe Acupressure bracelet provides a natural choice for effective morning sickness relief. A proven relief for all types of nausea.

Key Features

  • acusoothe acupressure ring is a small but powerful ring that is fantastic for cold hands and fingers arthritis poor circulation in fingers aching as well as stiff joints. with this little ring users can stimulate all meridians (energy lines) in the fingers and by doing so all organs in the body will also be stimulated as their meridians travel out through the fingers. the five elements in the body will thus be set in balance.
  • designed to give you energy improve your concentration and general health.
  • hits acupressure points which can stop or significantly reduce snoring.
  • based on traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture techniques.
  • made out of stainless steel